I think I would be a great character for ‘Where Are The Joneses’ – to fill you in, I am writing you this email.

You’ve probably already heard of me. I was voted 6th in the regional finals for ‘You Bet!’ in 1991, and later almost qualified as an emergency warm up guy on Westcountry TV’s regional quiz show.

Attached is a recording I made for a previous show – it was never used, along with many of the scripts I wrote. I’ve put these on my website, https://eyejuice.wordpress.com/ and coupled with my great profile page on the wiki for WRTJ, I believe I’ve got enough information for you to make me famous.

In return for this, I would be willing to send you both one or more copies of my failed record, either in CD or novelty astray form. Please do not try to play the novelty ashtray in your CD player though, as the rough surface make render your CD player unusable.

I am hoping to get these recordings re-released soon, as like Cliff Richard, I am concerned about my ability to live from my earnings as a musician, though I have to wonder about him – I mean, he should have married Sue Barker when he had the chance in my opinion. Those Question of Sport gigs must bring her a few quid.

I hope to hear from you both soon.


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