Board games of the past

I cant believe some people — who hasnt heard of Mr Pop? Americans that’s who.

I’m no longer working at The Hammers… we closed for the night early. Terry tried to drown a PCAD student, who was asking for it.

Listened to Chris Rosewell on Phonic FM earlier. He really is a pro.



What have I been up to?

Well, Matt Lee and his stupid friend Rob Myers have a book coming out, and they’ve agreed to print a little bit of my stuff in the back. I found out they’re using to make the book, and just how easy it is to publish your own book, so that’s what I’m doing.

Coming out in November — A book by Dustin Eyejuice, called just that.

Terry, the landlord of the Hammer’s in Plymouth has agreed to let me hold a signing event in the pub on the day of release. More information about that when I get it. I am hoping to incorporate some kind of pie and chips and book combo deal into the event, but Terry is still a little against books, since the failure of his book of political views to reach the Times bestseller list in the mid 80s.

Dustcast – Episode One

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Music by WhiteRoom.

My website

I now have a website.


So, my big break into TV hasn’t happened, which is annoying.

Firstly, I’d booked time off from Hammers to go and do it.

Secondly, they never called me even to let me know it wasn’t happening.

Finally, if anyone wants me, I’ll be sulking.

Hammers website

Terry has got me to build a website for Hammers. Early days yet, but this is what I’ve come up with so far.

Internet Archive

My work, An Evening with Dustin Eyejuice is now on The Internet Archive.

Look out Freedomistas.